Monday, July 4, 2011

How to Get Free Adobe Programs

if you guys don't know, there is a way to get free adobe programs such as adobe flash builder.  if you are unemployed, a student, or an educator, then you qualify for free programs.  just visit and choose the program you want.  if you qualify, they will send you a product key for the respective program via email.  you can download the programs from the official adobe site and use the product key you received to register it.  i hope this helps you guys.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Boxing For MMA with Anderson Silva (Instructional Video)

Boxing For MMA with Anderson Silva (Instructional Video)

it's actually a pretty good video, i learned some stuff.
please support me! i've worked hard to upload this!

Download Links:

Computer Organization and Design 4th Edition + cd + Solutions Manual (updated)

Computer Organization and Design, Fourth Edition: The Hardware/Software Interface

By David A. Patterson (Author), John L. Hennessy (Author)

IT TOOK ME A WHILE TO UPLOAD THIS, SO ENJOY IT!!! it comes with a mips reference sheet, the cd that came with it, and also an additional solutions manual

C++ How to Program (7th Edition) (Deitel)

C++ How to Program (7th Edition) [Paperback
Paul Deitel (Author), Harvey M. Deitel (Author)


Download Link

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The God Delusion

The God Delusion
Good book, makes a fair argument. this is my view about god and religion:

if god is the one and almighty and he created everything, then how did god come about? who made god? was it god's god? but if god has a god, then does that not imply that there is god's god's god and so forth? also that would contradict the notion that god is the one and almighty and he created everything since he has a creator

OR did god just appeared out of nowhere? but if god just appeared out of nowhere, why can't humans just appear from nowhere? why would we need a creator and this supposed god does not?

i'm sorry if something is that contradictory without any tangible proof or visible proof, then it does not exist and i choose not to believe.

Monday, January 24, 2011

C++ How to Program (7th Edition) (Deitel)

C++ How to Program (7th Edition)
Paul Deitel (Author), Harvey M. Deitel (Author) 


Download Link:

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How to Get Free Traffic to Your Site (Autopilot Method)

A vital part of making a profitable and long lasting website is gaining web traffic. When you are starting up, it’s very hard to get traffic. I’m going to show you an easy on how to get free traffic to your website with . This is a site that enables you to earn web traffic on autopilot. i've only recently tried this site and am impressed by the traffic i've gained in 2 days and i was only this site not often at all.

sign up at, or if you nice enough, please use my referral link:

it's very easy, when you start out, you get free points that could be used buy views/traffic to whatever site you want, be it a youtube video or your blog. gaining points is easy and the stystem will automatically do it for you. if you refer people, you will earn 1000 points when they hit their first 1000 points. you can also trade these points for money, but it's kinda pointless.

to add the sites that you want people to view, add it to the "sites in rotation" column or "Points to Click Sites". i'll explain these a bit more later. you can add as many sites as you want to either category, however, it seems that for sites in rotation, only two sites will be active if you are free member such as myself (the other sites are "halted"), whereas for points to click sites, you can have unlimited active sites. websites under "sites in rotation" will gain much more views though and i'll explain why, nevertheless, just put the same site under both category because it's free and you will get more views.

Uploaded with

to get points, there are several ways, i will explain some of them HOWEVER THERE IS ONLY ONE THAT YOU SHOULD USE because it is the easiest and faster way to gain traffic, which is "auto-surf with ads". but first i'll explain the system, you have auto-surf. auto-surf basically surf the pages that in "sites in rotation" category automatically for you. Thus you will be basically surfing all the sites that are are in the sioniam database in this category and other people are doing the same, thus you are viewing other people's pages and they viewing yours. now the "1:.4" means that for every 1 page you view, u get .4 points.

manual surf is the same as auto surf except you do it manually, thus is more tedious but u get more points. "points to click" means u get points for click on a website from list of sites that are taken the "Points to Click Sites" list. now this very tedious and no one does it, thus is the reason why the sites that you put under this category won't have alot of views.

Uploaded with


get firefox or google chrome, install"ad blocker plus", go to, click "auto surf with ads". ad blocker will block all ads and thus this is basically surf pages for you. this is fast, easy and gives you the highest payout of 1.5 points per page view. while it loads the page, you can be do anything else you want, watching youtube, playing games, watching porn, whatever you're in the mood for! you can leave you computer overnight and gain points.

i've gotten alot of traffic with this. note that the number of hits that displays on to your traffic is not truly accurate. the real number of hits is smaller since when you use autosurf, you sometimes view your own page, thus itmight not count for sites that need unique views, and also some ther factors come in to play. nevertheless, you still gain alot of traffic!

you can fiddle with "splendid surf" or "silver surfer" if you wish, but personally i don't bother.
it's that easy so why not try it? try it and see the traffic on your site!


Monday, January 10, 2011

How to Get Free Internet on Your iPhone

    There has been loophole that enables you to get free Edge internet acess on your iphone.  please note that this requires a t-mobile sim card.  this has been tested on prepaid and a monthly plan card.  this ONLY enables you to surf the internet, it does not allow external apps like cyadia, google maps,  tom-tom etc, google earth and etc to access the internet.   this only allows you to browse the world wide web.

step 1a) to do this, navigate to settings->general->network->cellular data network. turn on cellular data, then lick "APN" and type in "".  

step 2a) turn on safari or any other browser you have and DO NOT accept the data plan page pops up, instead type in the  address bar "".  with this site, you can use send free sms text messages or use the proxy to surf any site.

if  you want a quicker and better surfing Experience, then read this:
  You may find that it is annoying to have the data plan page pop up each time and you may also find that the proxy does not load some webpages properly (i.e images not loading correctly or text alignment being messed  up), then use this following method.

step 1b)  download this hacked opera mini browser from here (enjoy the song :D):

step 2b) extract the rar file, install the opera ipa file (you need Appsync to do this).  first, we will need the internet  for first time time because we need to configure the browser, so turn on wifi and open the app.  go to settings (wrench icon) -> scroll down to advanced ->protocol, change it from socket to http. close the app and turn off the internet,

step 3b) do step 1a above, turn on cellular data, turn on opera browser and you should not longer be bothered by the data plan page and moreover,  you can have a full web surfing experience and won't need to use the proxy site above.

that's it.

Make Easy Extra Money

sup guys, i'm going to show u this trick to make $3 in 10mins with cash crate. some of u might already know it, but for those who don't this will be useful. the trick is quizzes.

What is CashCrate?
if u don't already know, cashcrate is probably the most popular gpt site out there. they give u money for doing offers and now they have a point system where u can earn money and points at the same time. and u also play games to earn points. u can redeem prizes with points. the amount of money u make on this site depends on how active u are on it. i myself am not really active on it, some days i log in and do one offer. other days i forget to log in. but i still make some good cash with it.


1) create a cashcrate account, they give u a dollar for joining.i would tremendously appreciate it if u use my ref link.:

my referral link here:

non-ref link:

2) download roboform, it's a free program which fills in info for you so u don't have to manually do it.

3) set up roboform, using information that will be used to fill out these offers.

4) get the greasemonkey addon:
install this script for greasemonkey, it autoskips surveys for you:
enable greasemonkey and that script.

5) go back to cashcrate, "click offers", choose "100% free" and "payout". now scroll those for the offers worth $.50. these are are usually quizzes. for example u might find one that say "which finally fantasy xii" are you. THE REASON WE ARE DOING THIS WITH QUIZZES IS THAT QUIZZES ARE FAST AND THE SCRIPT WORKS AMAZINGLY WITH QUIZES. U CAN FILL OUT A $.50 QUIZ IN 15-20 SECS.

6)once at the quiz page, on roboform, right click and choose "fill forms" then choose "fill and submit". this way roboform will fill and auto click submit info for u so u don't even have to move your mouse. then if the quiz jumps or ads, surveys, or stupid offers, the greasmonkey script will automatically press "pass" or "skip" so u. SO THE WHOLE TIME, YOU'LL JUST SIT AT YOUR COMPUTER WITHOUT REALLY LIFTING A FINGER!!!
it should be fast and once u get your quiz result. click submit.

7)once you are done, use ccleaner to clear ur cache and cookies or u can do it yourself but that takes longer. with ccleaner u can just leave it on and press on button. THE REASON for this is because most of quizes are from quizjungle or quiznexus and what happens is when u fill out too many offers from the same place, they don't count. so clearing cookies and cache basically allows for a fresh start. do this after u complete each quiz.


* quizes usually 3-4 days to process. sometimes a week. but when that money comes, BAM!

here's my earning so far. i just made a new account on the fifth. like i said i don' go on it often but i beasted on the 6th though lmao. you can see the pending money for those quizzes. honestly, if ur not lazy like me, u can make money fast by just leaving the comp on since the script+roboform does the work for u.

Uploaded with


pm me if you need any help

The Most Common Mistake in C++ Programming

                After programming c++ for several years, i still make common mistakes that costs alot of time and stress.  Nevertheless, due to my experience, it is easy for me to figure out what this problem is most of the time.   For others who are just beginning c++, they can not afford of luxury of experience, thus they struggle for hours or days to try to find out the error.   Based on my days as a new programmer and on the experiences of several other beginner programmers, the most common but most catastrophic error is not having a return value for non-void functions.

                Most often, people will write functions that have a return value or int or string but in their code body, they do not return anything or sometimes just type “return”:

int me()
                This is fatal because even if you do not specify a return value, c++ will automatically and randomly return something of the specified return type.   Now, many people do this and with returns types like ints or floats, errors rarely occur, however, if you specify a function that returns a string and you do not return anything, you will get a lot of undefined errors or most of the time, you will get a seg fault.
The reason is that a string is basically a array of character, one points to the next, and they take up a chunk of space of main memory.  Now, since you did not specify what string to return, the compiler will automatically return a string of arbitrary size and from and arbitrary location, now due to this randomized event, the compiler might choose a part in memory that is currently being allocated to another program, or event worse, a vital system service.  Thus, the OS intervenes, stops your program, and you get a seg fault.

                So the main theme here is to always return something, have a return value.  If you want your int function to return nothing, then type:
return 0;
if you want your string function to return nothing, then type :
return  “”;

Returning values is a habit that you must get into, especially If you are writing large programs and want to minimize headaches.

How to Speed Up Your Computer

   I'm going to show you how to speed up your computer shutdown time signficantly.  This is for Windows Xp but should also work for Windows 7. First, open the registry editor.  To do this on windows XP, click start, run, then type in "regedit" in the box and click ok.  for Windows 7, click start -> search ->and type in "regedit". 
Disclaimer: only edit what i tell you to edit, do not edit anything else unless you what you are doing. Editing the wrong items will mess up your computer!

   First, we are going to edit the amount it that windows xp waits before kill open applications when the press the "shutdown" button.  to do this, go to "HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelDesktop".  then double click "‘WaitToKillAppTimeout" and change the to 1000.  double click "HungAppTimeout" and change that value to 1000.

    Next, we are going to make it so Windows auto kills active applications.  this is very helpful, for example, when you press alt+ctrl+dlt to use the task manager to kill a non-responsive program, you will be prompted to confirm the killing off that app, by doing this, once you click "end process" that process will be killed immediately.  moreover, sometimes when you shut down your computer and walk away thinking that it has been shut down and come back 30 mins later to find that the computer is still on and you see a promt to"kill active applications", this is very annoying.  by enabling auto kill tasks, windows will automatically kill such apps.
to do this, double click "AutoEndTasks" and change the value to 1.

    The next step is to do this for every account on the computer, what we just did above was for your current account, we want to make it so that every account on the computer will shut down fast.  to do this, navigate to"HKEY_USERS.DEFAULTControl PanelDesktop" and change "‘WaitToKillAppTimeout" and "HungAppTimeout" to 1000 and "AutoEndTasks" to 1.  this should enable this tweak for every account.
   Finally, go to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetControl" and double click "WaitToKillServiceTimeout" and change the value to 1000. 

Restart your computer and next time you shutdown, it should be much faster.
check out this video if you want  to see how to do it:

The Art of Scamming People

    Today’s most experienced scam artists are self-help authors.  You’ve seen these types, they are the  slickest SOBs out there.   People such as Robert kyosaki and reverends that preach on TV about how god wants you to get rich.   These people never tell you how to get rich, but they provide you with confidence and faith that everything will be ok, they make you feel better about yourself.  They write books that say the same thing and conveys the same message.  Robery Kyosaki  tells you basic information to make you feel like you are aware of the business market, when in fact all  he is supplying in you with is confidence.  He does not tell you how to get rich, instead, he gets rich by make you feel better about yourself.  Like everyone else, we all want to be assured, we want to feel like we know something.  People like mr. Kyosaki plays into such emotions.  He makes you feel like you know what you need to know to get rich when in fact what you know is nothing.  
    These are the best scam artists out there, they scam you without you even knowing.  They prey on those with low self confidence.   I find it funny that reverend who preach about the ways of gods and sins too sins as they are preaching lies to everyone else.  They say that god wants them to be rich, when as you look down the aisle no one else is sporting gold watches except the reverend.

Video Games are Now a Sport

The Evolution of Competitive Gaming
If you have not been living in a cave for the past 10 years, you will realized that video gaming is serious business nowadays.   It is a serious business that generates serious money.   Much like in real sports, there are stars and heroes whom are looked upon by others with admiration.  Even though, Gaming as sport is still not as popular in the United States (even though it's growing as we speak), in other countries, it has become a huge phenomenon .  In Korea, Thousands of people gather to watch gamers play a game called Starcraft.  These games are broadcast live on TV. Such players get paid $200k plus USD per year.  Most players range from age 16-24.  Though the money is great, the expected career  length of a Korean starcraft player is not very long, nevertheless, if you’re 16  and getting paid more than 100k to play some you love, I’d it is not a bad deal.   Moreover, most of these players are sponsored by big company and some are even recruited as stockbrokers  by companies after their starcraft careers end.

Creating Stars
In the United States, Sport Gaming is rising but has still not reach the point where it is mainstream, nonetheless,  players can still earn up to $100k per tournament.   The big prizes come from big tournaments that hosts FPS games such as Halo and counterstrike.   Fighting game Tournaments on the other hand offer much less cash prizes since these tournaments tend to be more low-key/underground in what seems to be an already underground sport.  However, Fighting games  tourney is more globalized, players all over the world compete in these tourneys and many epic rivalries are formed.  The biggest fighting game tournament in the United States if not the world is “EVO”, which has produced  the most exciting fighting game megastars  and match-ups over the years.  Players  like Daigo and Justin Wong are common names amongst fighting game fans nowadays, Just look at all this video and you, like myself, will believe that all this hype is justified:

The Future of Competitive Gaming
Now many still question if gaming can be considered as sport, since it is just video games.  Others will laugh at it and look down upon it.  Well I offer you this question, before any of the “sports” today are called a sport, what were they?  That’s right, they were just games.  They became a sport when people found out  that they could drive competition to make money.  Look at poker, it is now considered a sport, which shows on ESPN and NBC.  The gist of it is if something has a competitive nature, where one man or team walks out a winner and the other a loser;  where one can make money off of it and others can make money by betting on it, then in my opinion, it has all the rights to become a sport.  Also, it is not like playing a fighting game is easy, it takes coordination, practice and mind games.  If you still think that gaming as a sport is a joke and that’s it’s easy, then I dare you to challenge a professional  Street fighter player and let’s see if you still think the same afterwards.

Marvel vs. Capcom - Cheapest Combo Ever!!!!

We all know marvel vs capcom is a broken game, one infinite excuted perfectly and it's all over marvel vs capcom is less a mind game but rather a game of mouse and cat, who will catch someone else with an infinite first? almost every character is able to do an infinite and winning a pro match is a matter of your ability to perfectly excute an infinite or not.  this game is so broken it's not even funny.  Below i have posted a video of what i think is the easiest and cheapest combo in the whole game.

in order to excuted it, press dash+low kick and then mp.  keep repeating until the opponent is dead!

A Look at iPod Touch 4G HDR Images

     As many of you have heard, the ipod touch 4g is now equipped with a camera. However the camera is only 0.7 megapixel, this has turned many potential buyers down, due to the lack of confidence in the capabilities of the ipod touch 4g's back camera.  As an owner of an ipod touch 4g and an iphone 4g, i say leave your doubts behind the door.  the ipod touch 4g's camera produces images that rivals it's phone counterpart.  Even though the iphone 4g's camera is 5MP, the images it produces are not that much better than the ipod touch 4g.  the ipod touch 4g is very good for it's price and the camera does it function well, i am very impresed by it.

    With the question of the ipod touch's camera capabilities aside, there is a way to get even better quality images with the camera.  This method uses HDR (high dynamic range) to create more vibrant and crisper images.  click here to read more about HDR:  However, there is one slight problem, the HDR function is only enabled in the iphone 4 and not the ipod touch 4g.  Not to worry, there are several ways to still enable HDR. one way is to use a plist hack to enable NATIVE HDR.  If you are interested in this method, you can do more research on it as i will not be talking about it further, as native HDR produces images that are worse than normal. Images become grainy and just looks worse overall whilst using native HDR.  what i do recommend is using HDR apps such as TrueHDR or ProHDR, i personally use ProHDR and the results are astonishing.
Here is a video i made, comparing non-HDR images and HDR images taken using ProHDR.  Pictures Were taken in Central Park, NYC.

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