Sunday, September 12, 2010

operating system concepts - 8th edition

Operating System Concepts - 8th Edition
Abraham Silberschatz (Yale University ), Peter B. Galvin (Corporate Technologies), Greg Gagne (Westminster College)
July 2008, ©2009

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Make at Least 15$ a month GUARANTEED.. no Bullshit

ok guys, ima show you how to make an easy 15$ a month with this site call bullshit, read on to see why.
ok sidetick is a social networking site where u make money by uploading videos, making friends, putting music, blogs, and etc. it's basically like like youtube+myspace but u get paid for EVERY SINGLE ACTION U DO.
u get points for every action, these points are called tickbucks. 2000 tickbucks = 1 dollar.
THIS IS WHERE THE EASY 15$ COMES IN. everyday, there will be a question posted by the administrator, you just have to check your inbox and answer that blog question and u get 1000 tickbucks. THAT $.50 so each month that's $15 a dollar and this only takes 2 mins to do.
1) SIGN UP for a sidetick account:
make sure u confirm your email!! or else u won't get anything in ur inbox.
2) check your inbox and open the mail sent by jenny stein.  there should be an ad in that inbox email BUT U DO NOT HAVE TO CLICK ON THE AD, you just have to open that email.  also if u have adblock addon for firefox, then the ad will not even show up in that inbox email but it WILL STILL COUNT. get adblock here:

3) inside the email will also be a link to the question of the day that u need to answer to get the 1000 tickbucks.  answer put down like two sentence and boom, 1000 tickbucks, aka $.50

4) oh yea i here's another trick to gain more than $30 dollars a month. use this iphider program to make another account. link to iphider program called ultrasruf here, it's a free program:
then use ur main account to send that account a referral!! this way u can log on twice a day and get double money + ur main account also makes extra money from it. JUST REMEMBER TO TURN ON THE IPHIDER PROGRAM EVERYTIME U USE YOUR SECONDARY ACCOUNT.
AND THAT'S IT: if u liked this post and found it useful, give me some thanks.
here's the kind of money some people are making on
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