Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Automating tasks With imacro

 How many times have you filled out forms that you've filled many times before or done other Mechanical tasks on the internet?  there are people who complete surveys on the internet to make money but doing it manually would just be foolish and a waste of time.   In comes imacro, a simple and easy to automation tool for firefox or google chrome.  it's an add-on that is free and i highly recommend it.   with imacro you can do any tasks automatically when you just let it run.  These tasks can be anything you can think of.   The best part of imacro is how easy it is to program it.  you literally click record and you let it record the Tasks you want it to do for your.  if you want more advanced tasks, you can edit the code yourserlf.   imacro programming code is extremely easy.  even easier than basic.  if you choose to go this route, here a link to learn the ultra easy language:

here's the download link for firefox:

  Overall it's an extremely easy to use program and i highly recommend it.  Comes in handy in lots of ways.

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