Monday, January 10, 2011

The Art of Scamming People

    Today’s most experienced scam artists are self-help authors.  You’ve seen these types, they are the  slickest SOBs out there.   People such as Robert kyosaki and reverends that preach on TV about how god wants you to get rich.   These people never tell you how to get rich, but they provide you with confidence and faith that everything will be ok, they make you feel better about yourself.  They write books that say the same thing and conveys the same message.  Robery Kyosaki  tells you basic information to make you feel like you are aware of the business market, when in fact all  he is supplying in you with is confidence.  He does not tell you how to get rich, instead, he gets rich by make you feel better about yourself.  Like everyone else, we all want to be assured, we want to feel like we know something.  People like mr. Kyosaki plays into such emotions.  He makes you feel like you know what you need to know to get rich when in fact what you know is nothing.  
    These are the best scam artists out there, they scam you without you even knowing.  They prey on those with low self confidence.   I find it funny that reverend who preach about the ways of gods and sins too sins as they are preaching lies to everyone else.  They say that god wants them to be rich, when as you look down the aisle no one else is sporting gold watches except the reverend.


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