Monday, January 10, 2011

A Look at iPod Touch 4G HDR Images

     As many of you have heard, the ipod touch 4g is now equipped with a camera. However the camera is only 0.7 megapixel, this has turned many potential buyers down, due to the lack of confidence in the capabilities of the ipod touch 4g's back camera.  As an owner of an ipod touch 4g and an iphone 4g, i say leave your doubts behind the door.  the ipod touch 4g's camera produces images that rivals it's phone counterpart.  Even though the iphone 4g's camera is 5MP, the images it produces are not that much better than the ipod touch 4g.  the ipod touch 4g is very good for it's price and the camera does it function well, i am very impresed by it.

    With the question of the ipod touch's camera capabilities aside, there is a way to get even better quality images with the camera.  This method uses HDR (high dynamic range) to create more vibrant and crisper images.  click here to read more about HDR:  However, there is one slight problem, the HDR function is only enabled in the iphone 4 and not the ipod touch 4g.  Not to worry, there are several ways to still enable HDR. one way is to use a plist hack to enable NATIVE HDR.  If you are interested in this method, you can do more research on it as i will not be talking about it further, as native HDR produces images that are worse than normal. Images become grainy and just looks worse overall whilst using native HDR.  what i do recommend is using HDR apps such as TrueHDR or ProHDR, i personally use ProHDR and the results are astonishing.
Here is a video i made, comparing non-HDR images and HDR images taken using ProHDR.  Pictures Were taken in Central Park, NYC.

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